The Moler Avenue Church of the Brethren will open their first "Community Soup Kitchen" on April 13th. Gene and Wanda Wright are coordinating the efforts of a large cadre of volunteers excited about this community outreach project. Listed below is the menu for the first night and the donations that are requested to make this happen. This is a self funded ministry that relies on donations to operate.

The items listed need to be fresh and brought to the church on Sunday, April 11 so that we can shop if donations do not meet demand. Of course monetary donations are encouraged as well. Teh Soup Kitchen find currently stands at $200.00.

Needs List
Hot Dogs
Hot Dog Buns
Crackers - This item is being donated by Ledos Pizza in Martinsburg
Brownie Mix
Catsup & Mustard (we would prefer the individual packets)

Vegetable soup and hot dog chili are being donated for this meal.

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