Received from Dorothy Pierce- Faith Hope Love infant Rescue - HAITI

Cree has Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection, a congenital heart defect that prevents his body from getting enough oxygen. He was transferred to Children's Hospital in Washington D.C. last night. He will need open heart surgery soon, maybe even today. We are going in a few minutes to meet with the doctors.

Cree was born yesterday at 10:51 a.m., a full term baby weighing 5 lbs 12.7 oz. The heart problem was unexpected. He had a strong steady heartbeat in the womb.

My daughter in law, Cat, is recovering from her c-section at Sibley Memorial Hospital. This is very hard on all of the family but especially for my son Larry and his wife Cat. Please pray for Cree and his parents.

I will stay in Washington to help with the 2 year old and give moral support as long as they need me. We don't know yet whether that will be a few weeks or a long time. All of my other plans are on hold for the moment. Much needs to be decided. I may have to ask many of you for help. For starters, I am asking now for your prayers.

Dorothy Pearce

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