Please pray for Lillie Griffith who was taken to City Hospital yesterday ( broken hip????) please be in prayer, send her a card or stop for a visit . She is in room 436

From Terri Meushaw;

Gamma Knife #2 is now behind me and hopefully, in two months when the follow-up MRI is taken, it will show that it was effective in destroying this second tumor. Tonight, the only result I have is a very tender head!

One thing the doctors are looking at is why the hearing in my left ear is gone now. My right ear is the one that has the tube in it and that one seems to be working fine. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that my left ear was acting up and before I could get an appointment with my ENT doctor, the hearing was gone. At first the docs thought it was an inflammation and put me on one week of medication but it had no effect. The MRI from two weeks ago shows something in my auditory canal but the docs do not think it is a tumor...but again, they are keeping an eye on it. So, I have yet another request for prayer!

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