Easter Egg Hunt at Mountain View

Mountain View Church of the Brethren hosted a Easter Egg Hunt event today, Saturday, April 23 at the church on Rt 51 East of Inwood, WV. Here are the photos that were taken at the event. You can link to the photos and either print, download or order prints from several providers including fotoflōt, Printed Art, Walgreens, Ritzpix, Shutterfly, LifePics Network of Local Photofinishers, & Snapfish.

Link to Photo Gallery Read more »

Prayer Requests for 08-05-10

Please be in prayer for Carter Hillman (Brenden’s buddy also with Spina Bifida) who must now undergo surgery to place a shunt (Brenden has one) into his brain. Pray that God guide the surgeon’s hands as well as pray for his parents for comfort and peace. Read more »

Prayer requests and updates

Please be mindful to continue the prayer offerings on behalf of:

Alvin Phillips- biopsy of lymph nodes (was negative) and lungs for suspected cancer- results pending (now at Home)

Troy Phillips- compound fracture of arm – surgery yesterday to put two plates in place (now at home)

Brenden Dugan – will have tonsillectomy on Friday

Brining the Prodigals Home

This evening at 7 Pm we will gather in the fellowship hall of the church for a time of sharing and prayer specifically targeted at “ Bringing the Prodigals home”.

This is open to anyone who is struggling with a prodigal child, parent or friend or anyone who wants to come in support of those who are struggling with a prodigal.

This is a time to lift up the prodigals, to shed the burden of guilt and to find peace in the midst of your struggle. Read more »

Prayer Net- PM edition for June 22, 2010

Please be in prayer for the following:

Scott Bennett

From Sandy Bly: friend's husband, Richard, in Florida.
Diagnosed with brain tumor. Started chemo and radiation therapy.


Please be in communication with your Heavenly Father regarding:

Madagan family in death of Merton Madigan ( brother-in-law to James Weatherholtz) who passed away Saturday morning. There will only be a memorial service – time TBD

Cherae Vorous who has more testing today

Ruth Dodson who has a CAT scan today

Nancy & Bob Tabb who will be traveling Tuesday – Friday of this week

Vacation Bible School team and plan

Devin Hager & Laura & Bonnie & Doug

Frank Pennington and daughter Ariel for reconciliation Read more »

Newsletter for July

Submissions for July’s newsletter are due now. If you have information that needs to be communicated to the body, please send to me no later than wed AM. Newsletter goes out next wed.

Mt View Campers at Shepherd's Spring

Shepherd's Spring summer camp programs are upon us once again. Every year, your church sends an average of 8 campers to Shepherd's Spring to learn and enjoy God's Word and to take in all of the nature He has created for us. This year, I'm asking you, the congregation, to show your support to our children while they're at camp by writing them a letter or card and mailing it to them while they're away. I know that hearing from their church family will not only put a smile on their faces but, it will also show them that WE support them. Read more »

Outreach opportunity request from Dale Dugan

Dale Dugan is organizing an outreach to Heather and Jay Myers in the way of providing for them a meal for lunch or dinner during the next two weeks.

If you are interested in assisting her with this outreach opportunity , you can contact her at 304-886-8493 or at home at 304-229-0065

Reminders and Announcements for June 17

1. Please be reminded that we will receive our monthly Love Offering on Sunday

2. We are still collecting Children’s Vitamins for Haiti - please plan to bring them to worship on June 27 Read more »

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