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Please pray for my friend, Diane Peterson. She had to have emergency surgery last night for a perforated colon and she is now in ICU. That is all I know right now. She lives in Kansas and I deal with her ordering barcode labels and patron cards....we have become very close working together the last 8 or so years. Please pray for my son, Doug, to find a good job with good benefits very soon. He had Government help with the COBRA insurance that has now ended and they have to pay $1600.00 a month for health insurance, which is very difficult on unemployment. My Daughter-in-law works, but doesn't have insurance benefits and if she could get it they don't have a good plan. Please pray for my oldest grandson, Douglas. He has Wolff, Parkinson, White syndrome and has to have an ablation done on 1/13/10 for it. This is one of the major reasons my son needs to find a job with good benefits. I know our GOD is able and willing to take care of us if we just ask and I am trusting him with these concerns! Thank You all so much for being such a wonderful loving Church family and great prayer warriors!! I Love you!! Janet
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